Preparatory Crash Class in Literature for Superior Faculty Pupils in the Philippines

Preparatory Crash Class in Literature for Superior Faculty Pupils in the Philippines

In the Philippines currently the length of Principal and Secondary colleges is currently being debated whether or not to add one more two extra decades in the regular 6 a long time major and 4 a long time secondary, producing secondary also 6 years for a whole of twelve many years in preparation to faculty instruction. College principals and teachers alike are divided. Paying out dad and mom in the privates educational facilities are resistant while even non-having to pay mother and father in the public faculties elevate their brows on the plan of the authorities. Several sectors problem the software for that would signify having to pay a lot more and staying lengthier in university. Mom and dad want their children to finish college ideal away so that their children can enable them ease their poverty. So what is actually the use of incorporating decades in the 100-yr extensive academic system when Filipino graduates all more than the earth are aggressive. Below is a proposal centered from a examine the author performed on the Language and Literature software of Famy Countrywide High School Laguna, Philippines on the feasible remedy to enable the lack of college students preparation and exposure to Literature just before they go to tertiary or bigger education and learning sans the challenge of including amount of years in the secondary faculty.


Immediately after scanning the natural environment of the students, lecturers and the resources obtainable in Famy Countrywide Substantial University in Laguna Philippines they both equally employed when they experienced the English 4, the proponent saw the needs to put together the contemporary graduates from the Famy Nationwide Large University by supplying a preparatory crash class system in Literature to prepare them for the requires and rigors of higher education Literature programs.

The fourth-yr higher college pupils did not have ample exposure in mastering Literature mainly because the reserve they made use of entitled Going In advance in English posted in 1999 which was framed on integrative method hence, mastery of the 4 macro abilities was emphasized throughout the yr. The lessons they experienced in Literature was a mixed of Earth Literature, Asian Literature and Philippine Literature given just after every single lesson. Their exposure on Literature was not based on a reliable basis due to the fact the emphasis was extra on language and not on Literature. Out of 7 lessons, a person was only provided to Literature with concerns focusing on the ethical or didactic classes. The learners themselves seemed at Literature as springboard classes to language lessons with no benefit for it as an artwork sort.

The two academics by themselves assigned in teaching the fourth 12 months had been passionate instructors training the language classes but they develop into a lot less energetic when they reach the Literature lessons due to the fact pupils did not study. A single trainer was BSE major in English graduate from Union Higher education of Sta. Cruz, Laguna and the other was unit earner in Instruction with a Bachelor’s diploma in Accountancy. Both of those seldom go to seminars on the recent trends and troubles in teaching Literature mainly because of the shortage of financial help from the college. Consequently, their information and tactics ended up dependent from their old undergraduate schema.

With these problems, the proponent without a doubt observed the wants of getting ready the college students by way of a crash system system in Literature with the next factors:

1. tell pupils about the principles of Literature they never ever had in superior college 2. talk about literature, not as a springboard of language classes, but as it is as an art 3. prepare students to the needs of Literature courses in College or university and 4. immerse college students on the the latest tendencies, strategies and concerns in finding out Literature.

B. DESCRIPTION OF THE Program: The crash program system in Literature mainly aims to prepare the incoming freshmen to College Literature classes that they never ever acquired or encountered considerably in high school, not since they had been not taught, but for the reason that the method then was integrative of the four macro skills and Literature was utilized as springboard to language lessons. The crash class discusses the basics of Literature from ideas, theories, use of techniques, traits and challenges in mastering literature applied completely in teaching the pupils. The method is only a crash program to be shipped in 45 several hours with 3 hrs for every lesson. The fifteen-working day sessions both in MWF (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or TThS (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) schedules are devoted to classroom dialogue and other new actions that culminate in a variety display of poetry recitation, dramatization and choral recitation, routines which are also executed in school. It is in MWF or TThS agenda to give learners time to read and accomplish their assignments on the lessons in advance of coming to course.

C. PROPONENT OF THE Plan The proponent of the system is Wilfredo M. Valois who is a latest university student in Health care provider of Philosophy main in Literature at the Philippine Normal College, Manila. He has been training Literature subjects at the Royal and Pontifical College of Sto. Tomas (UST), Manila for twelve (12) years. He has taught topics like Philippine Literature in English, Introduction to Literature and Classical Planet Literature.

D. FRAMEWORK OF THE Program With the advent of technological know-how specifically the tv, radio and internet, men and women have turn into less receptive to what is going on all-around them, relatively, they turn out to be a lot more dependent on what they look at, they see and what they listen to fairly than what they read. People’s eyesight is blurred by the ease and comfort what know-how presents them consequently forgetting the worth of reading, the price of Literature. In the academe, with the target on the communicative competence and other ever-switching methods and theories, the instructing and mastering of Literature is usually dwarfed, minimized or even abandoned by quite a few educational institutions.

Carolina Garcia and Ophelia Diamante reminded audience that Literature have to tell and entertain. A very good literature must be capable to awaken persons from ignorance to enlightenment. In addition, they reported that literature should have intellectual price, emotional price, spiritual worth, universality, permanence, design and most of all artistry.

In the same way, Edilberto Tiempo claims that literature or superior literature is meant to go, it need to seduce but a work’s emotive excellent need to not assault the sensibility, it must be ungirded by reasonableness, by logic, it need to enhance and satisfy the intellect, it should have the inevitability.

The requirements on how the literary picks in this crash system program on Literature ended up primarily based from Jose Garcia Villa’s requirements as cited by Edilberto K. Tiempo’s tips on what really should be bundled in any anthology of Literature. They are compound and type. Jose Garcia villa claimed that he followed double standard of type and substance. Substance calls for vitality of subject and considerable choice of info. Legitimate compound is achieved only when a pulse beats by the correlated info, for important material on your own, if with out defeat of existence, continue to be useless material. To accomplish validity, as a result, compound in fiction should be dwelling as nicely as important. The 2nd examination is form. It demands vigor of composition despite the fact that type and substance in literature are a inventive a person and they are indivisible, nonetheless they are unique. Thus producing feasible this test of variety. Variety, in literature, is the enough and lovely externalization of substance. It is not restrictive, mildew, but is cost-free, but artistically disciplined presentation of substance.

Literature liberates the head and spirit as just one reads via the pages. The encounter one has in looking at a painting, listening to a classical audio or a transferring general performance in a theatre is very similar to the reading of a literary text. It moves the brain to assume critically. It touches the heart with that emotive electrical power when 1 reads poetry or reads a engage in. All these outcomes and a lot more are skilled by audience or learners like the lovers when they are arrested by impressive literary texts with beautiful variety and material.

Literature is an instrument to battle illiteracy. People have grow to be dependent on relocating photos and flashed things that they are inclined to read a lot less. Persons have become lazy readers if not none readers at all, consequently elevating our standing of illiteracy. Thanks to the government’s effort in putting Alternate Discovering Technique or ALS in various municipalities and barangays in which academics educate the illiterates. But the efforts are geared in the direction of financial and not creative. As a result, the debate on the conflict between “artwork for art’s sake” (autonomy of the artwork) and “artwork for social recognition” (proletariat literature) is once again superior. The crash program provides an respond to to this debate as it hinges on bridging the hole and conflict involving the autonomy of artwork and social awakening by giving learners the creative literary texts that will give them at the exact same time an awakening along the way in the review of literatures.

The method is designed to meet up with the requirements set by the Commission on Increased Instruction (CHED) to give at the very least six models of Literature programs throughout self-control in the common instruction. Particularly, the two courses are Introduction to Entire world Literatures and Regional Philippines Literatures. That when they commence to college schooling, incoming freshmen will be additional than ready to experience the demands of the Literature courses with no insecurity and ignorance thanks to lack of exposure and training in literatures.

E. Targets: At the close of the crash system, incoming freshmen are anticipated to: 1. Define the which means of literature 2. Differentiate fiction and non-fiction 3. Enumerate the 5 genres of literature 4. Compare and contrast the capabilities of narrative and poetry 5. Draw or diagram the construction of a narrative plot 6. Browse a poem with feelings in accordance to its variety 7. Clarify the figures of speech made use of in the texts 8. Determine characters in the small tale, novel or drama 9. Describe the placing in the shorter story, novel or drama 10. Set up sensible sequence of plot in the brief story, novel or drama 11. Synthesize themes from the texts 12. Trace the results in and results of actions of figures in the texts 13. Enjoy the text the culture of a region 14. Identify an creator and his/her function 15. Assess a textual content working with distinct techniques in comprehending literature 16. Produce a critique on the assigned literary textual content 17. Recite effectively and independently a poem 18. Dramatize correctly scenes from the textual content 19. Mount a wide variety clearly show highlighting poetry recitation, dramatization and choral recitation.

F. Study course Content: The crash program contains excerpts from Literature programs that Commission on Higher Education CHED has mandated what every faculty pupil must acquire throughout willpower. Namely they are:

LITERATURE 1: Regional Philippine Literatures

This program offers a survey of world literatures representing a gamut of human experiences as exemplified in different literary kinds and kinds.

LITERATURE 2: Introduction to Globe Literatures

This course introduces college students to representative literatures from the areas tackling the huge array of Filipino encounters and activities as these are expressed by means of themes these as gender, racial identity, course and record


Competencies/Objectives Lessons

1. Define the that means of literature Lesson on Introduction to Literature 2. Differentiate fiction and non-fiction Lesson on Introduction to Literature 3. Enumerate the five genres of literature Lesson on introduction to Literature 4. Assess and contrast the characteristics of narrative and poetry Lesson on Introduction to Literature 5. Draw or diagram the composition of a narrative plot Lesson on Introduction to Literature 6. Browse a poem with feelings according to its type Lesson on Poetry 7. Clarify the figures of speech applied in the texts Lesson on Poetry 8. Recognize characters in the brief story, novel or drama Lesson in Fiction 9. Explain the location in the brief story, novel or drama Lesson in Fiction 10. Set up sensible sequence of plot in the shorter story, novel or drama Lesson in Fiction 11. Synthesize themes from the texts All classes 12. Trace the results in and effects of steps of figures in the texts All classes 13. Value the textual content the lifestyle of a country All lessons 14. Recognize an author and his/her work All classes 15. Review a textual content using unique ways in comprehension literature

All lessons 16. Generate a critique on the assigned literary textual content classes in poetry, quick story, novel, drama and essay 17. Recite affectively and independently a poem Lesson on Poetry 18. Dramatize correctly scenes from the text Lesson on Fiction 19. Mount a variety demonstrate highlighting poetry recitation, dramatization and choral recitation. All lessons


Content material/ Subjects Educating/Discovering Routines Time Allotment 1. An Overview on Literature a. Definition b. Causes why we research literature

Team function brainstorming Discussion Timeline

3 hours

2. Varieties of Literature a. Fiction and non-fiction b. In accordance to nations c. In accordance to classification Library investigation Excitement group dialogue Jigsaw puzzle Diagramming

3 hrs

3. Seven (7) standards of good Literature a. Samples for every exemplifying just about every regular

Pair operate Collage Poster-producing 3 hours

4. Genres of Literatures a. Poetry b. Small tale c. Novel d. Drama e. essay Popcorn discussion Diagramming Considered bubbles 3 several hours

5. Poetry a. Character and types b. Components c. Figures of speech Lecture Chanting Diagramming 3 several hours

6. Reading through and examining of samples of poetry a. “God Said I produced a Guy” by Jose Garcia Villa b. “The Man of Earth” by Amador T. Daguio c. “Si Lola Isyang at ang Matandang Puno ng Kaimito” d. “Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost e. “I am No person” by Emily Dickenson f. A sonnet by William Shakespeare g. “Psalm 23” by King David Discussion Reading of the text Chanting of the textual content Unlocking vocabulary Purpose enjoying Pair work Synthesizing by slogan Write a critique paper 3 several hours

7. Brief Story a. Character and varieties b. Aspects Dialogue Diagramming Library analysis 2 hrs

8. Looking through and speaking about/ analyzing of samples: a. “How My Brother Leon Brought Residence a Spouse” by Manuel Arguilla b. “Harvest” by Loreto Paras Sulit c. “Footnote to Youth” by Jose Garcia Villa d. “The Lady and the Tiger” Nameless e. “The Present of the Magi” by O. Henry f. “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant Literary map Imagined bubbles Comics strip Motion picture poster Radio drama Skit Purpose participating in Tableaux Discussion Produce a critique paper

4 hours

9. Novel a. Character and types b. Factors Dialogue diagramming 2 hrs

10. Reading through and talking about/analyzing of samples: a. An excerpt from The us is in the Coronary heart by Carlos Bulosan b. The Pearl by John Steinbeck Literary map Believed bubbles Comics strip Film poster Radio drama Skit Part participating in Tableaux Dialogue Write a critique paper

4 hours

11. Drama a. Nature and varieties b. Components Discussion Pair get the job done Jigsaw puzzle 2 several hours

12. Examining and discussing/analyzing of samples: a. “The Environment is an Apple” by Alberto Florentino b. “New Yorker in Tondo” by Marcelino Angana Imagined bubbles Comics strip Movie poster Radio drama Skit Purpose actively playing Publish a critique paper Tableaux Dialogue

4 several hours 13. Essay a. Mother nature and sorts b. Components Discussion Diagramming 2 several hours

14. Looking at and speaking about and analyzing of samples: a. “Heritage of Smallness” (an excerpt) by Nick Joaquin b. “On Possessing a Tummy” by Lin Yutang c. “Of Scientific tests” by Francis Bacon Mock debate Pair operate Excitement team dialogue Slogan crafting Discussion Generate a critique paper 4 hrs

15. Culminating Activity by means of a Variety Present of: a. Poetry recitation of “Halting By the Woods on a Snowy Night” b. Skit or Dramatization of “New Yorker in Tondo” c. Choral Recitation of “God Explained I Manufactured a Man” Selection show Poetry recitation Dramatization Choral recitation 3 hours