The Bermuda Triangle and Antarctica

The Bermuda Triangle and Antarctica

The art or science of metallurgy is very important to the social structures bordering all esoteric beliefs. They are the most tangible things of the cosmic soup that are probably drawn to selected Earth Energy Grid spots as we shall see. The shamans who gathered meteorite substance to fashion applications and weapons as well as for the use of the metals and spirits thereof became terrific aristocrats, as their relatives or heritage and legends grew. Genghis Khan (Temujin) is from these kinds of a family members and most of the early aristocrats had been both adept (like the Home of David and Solomon) themselves or worked carefully with these artisans who we could contact alchemists, as Mircae Eliade does in his ‘The Forge and The Crucible’. When the Spanish arrived in Mayan lands they questioned the Aztecs and others wherever their knives arrived from, they also observed a meteorite at the commemorated apex of the Cholula pyramid. They pointed to the heavens and the Spanish reports connect with this paganism. When this use of metals began is anyone’s guess.

It necessitates no wonderful debate or references of authorities to know the practically top import of meteors in the historic past when one considers just these two things. The Ka’aba is a black meteorite in Mecca and there is a ritual amid the Islamic trustworthy who will have to go to it at the time in their life time. That ritual of approaching this sacred relic from very historic moments (prior to Islam) is discovered by all of Islam. In Mexico there are pyramids with churches on best (now) that employed to home meteorites.

“In 1969, a Japanese scientific expedition was trekking near the Yamato Mountains, in the location of the Antarctic Less than intercontinental domain. icecap that lies immediately south of Africa. The Japanese discovered nine dark meteorites lying close collectively on the area of the ice.

Specified meteorites’ shortage, the expedition leaders assumed that the 9 samples they identified were being fragments of a single significant specimen that experienced broken apart in its fall to the ice. To their amazement, even so, they shortly learned that their finds were all of diverse styles and chemical compositions. They had been not pieces of one rock. They experienced not even fashioned in the identical area of the photo voltaic process. This was thrilling! The convergence of 9 independent thunders tones at that one location implied that the ice sheet by itself was someway accumulating those rarities of character and sweeping them alongside one another.

The Japanese mounted extra expeditions to the Yamato ice in 1973, 1974, 1975, and 1979, and they have been rewarded with a grand complete of 3,000 meteorites. Every year because then, during the transient Antarctic summer months, international expeditions have converged on the Japanese rock gardens. Every compact meteorite is photographed in which it lies and then nudged gingerly into a teflon bag, which is an awkward method when executed with thick mittens and in deep subzero cold, with the stone skittering on the ice. As soon as bagged, just about every specimen is shipped property and researched in an antiseptic laboratory, utilizing the similar form of apparatus designed to study Moon rocks. The sample is never touched by human hands.” (1)

They go on to explain the then existing theory of the Huge Bang but no point out of how these rocks get there and retain finding there. What might be happening right here? Is there a situation of affinity at function (my encyclopedia has an in depth description of affinity)? Is there clever structure or what? The Pasadena lab where by a ton of these matters are studied is known as the Lunatic Asylum. A member of my sister-in-law’s relatives functions for JPL there, and travels all about the entire world accomplishing items they under no circumstances get to know about anymore. Is it since she isn’t permitted to explain to them or is it since the relatives applied to simply call her tips and the issues we would speak about ‘sheer lunacy’? What transpired in the 8 billion many years or so among the development of our acknowledged universe and the development of our Milky Way comprised of numerous solar systems? The quantities are so extraordinary that the mind are not able to conceive what is in just the recognized universe, and there are other individuals we put outside the house the words and phrases ‘known universe’. Who is ready to do more than worship this illusion or orgy of ‘luna’-cy (luna=moon)?

“‘It appears as if Venus may have had oceans hundreds of tens of millions of several years in the past,” suggests planetologist Jim Head. If so, Venus would have been quite considerably far more like Earth. Its continents may perhaps have relished rivers, streams, puffy white clouds, and enjoyable weather conditions… Will the human volcano heat Planet Earth until eventually all the seas go dry and guide melts in the sunlight? Are we previously on the downhill route to Venus?” (2)

The motive the rocks are drawn to Mt. Yamato could have one thing to do with the Earth Power Grid which has two bands of energy ‘blobs’ or vortices all-around the globe. Mt. Yamato would be a website in which the reverse electricity may exist. I will not be equipped to verify it but I will existing some fascinating details on the likes of the Bermuda Triangle from the early investigate of Ivan Sanderson whose operate is continued in another incredibly current book which I will go over as effectively.

Initial of all allow me say I feel a incredibly huge meteor was drawn to the region of the Bermuda Triangle in 8350 BCE or thereabouts. The cobalt and nickel left there from this meteor will toss electrical guidance methods haywire and this has been shown by credible scientists. I have dealt with it extensively in other guides. It is known as the Carolina Bays Event and I believe it provides a purpose why there is a 2200 foot drop to an urban web site now getting appeared into off the coastline of Cuba. The plate tectonics of increasing mountains in the Andes would be considerably way too early to tie in with this sudden fall of a metropolis or city center, I believe. This excerpt also addresses the region of Japan the place the latest finds of semi-Pyramidal constructions are remaining researched. That web page is Yonaguni and there are many others near there.

“The Disposition of Anomalies

We have used a most likely inordinate total of time talking about the matters that called notice to these ‘Vile Vortices’ in order to reveal the extent and character of the phenomenon. I feel the time has now appear for some comprehensive investigation of and comment on this small business as a whole and from this we may perhaps move forward to some speculation.

The well-known strategy has been that there is 1 roughly triangular region with sides running from Bermuda to central Florida and thence to Puerto Rico in which a significant variety of planes have simply just vanished with out a trace.

This is a glamorous idea, but on proper examination, it does not stand up. It is not a triangle, and its periphery is considerably greater than the one outlined higher than. In point, the space in which such disappearances, or alleged disappearances, have been recorded sorts a significant, kind of lozenge-shaped These lozenge lattices are observed all all over lots of ‘keltoi’ sites like the Tarim Basin of the latest discovery. Mandalas are made according to strength circulation. The power that taught or that they observed is all important. place which is neither centered on the Oceanic island of Bermuda not can it in any way be depended from it. We have plotted all the ‘disappearances’–and you should remember that this is some thing very different from mere sinking of ships and submarines, or ditchings of planes–claimed from this region and observed that it slops way about the original so-termed ‘triangle.’ After this discovery, the problem naturally arose as t the uniqueness of this amusing blob, which extends from about 30degrees to 40 degrees north latitude, and from about 55 levels to 85 levels west. Was it exclusive?

We knew currently that there was at minimum one other these kinds of space alleged to exist. This lies some 250 miles south of the Japanese island of Honshu about longitude 140 levels east. We therefore started to operate, gathering documents of ships shed and planes vanishing all around this place which, as a subject of point, had up till then been only described–and somewhat casually at that. The final result was not just wonderful it was positively startling. Aircraft following airplane on its way south to Guam seems to have vanished, and this with disturbing frequency. So we begun plotting once again, and even with the commonly incredibly imprecise locations supplied–and no ponder, thinking about that these planes disappeared with out radio alerts or any trace–a different lozenge-formed blob came to light-weight.

This startled us a bit, but then a single of my colleagues experienced the outstanding idea of having out a map of the entire world! The moment we had a map before us, we observed that each lozenges lay precisely between 30 levels and 40 levels north and also unfold about 30 degrees east to west, latitudinally. This genuinely did spark us, so we created a grab for the globe.

Now the surface area of our earth as noticed on a world is truly very diverse from what we glance at on a two-dimensional map, and in particular 1 on what is identified as the Mercator projection. Just where did these two blobs lie relative to just about every other as a person went close to the globe? It turned out that they were being centered 160 degrees apart (heading about one way) and 200 degrees (going the other). In other words and phrases, there did not surface to be any recognizable sample. If they had been at 180 degrees heading the two techniques, they would have been just opposite every other on opposite sides of the earth. But then some thing else cropped up.

We experienced been inundated with letters inquiring for more information and facts on the disappearances of the Israeli and French submarines at the east and west finishes of the Mediterranean, respectively, We ended up naturally not able to insert nearly anything to the information reports and official statements. Nevertheless, the Mediterranean Sea just transpires to type a lozenge-formed blob, also lying among 30 levels and 40 levels north, and just about 30 degrees from still left to correct, latitudinally.

Obviously, we measured the distance concerning these 3 blobs. Then something else fairly startling came to mild. They have been organized on an apparently stringent numerical development–from the Bermuda bit to the Mediterranean, 4 the Mediterranean to the Japanese, 5 and the Japanese to the Bermuda, 6.

Now, I really don’t like these types of neat patterns rising in nearly anything in nature it seems to be much as well substantially as even though somebody had bought the notion to start with, and then tried using to match the details into it. You can fit just about anything into virtually something else if you consider difficult plenty of as any mathematician, statistician, or law enforcement officer can explain to you. However, Nature is to a terrific extent reasonably orderly and does screen somewhat neat styles.

So we experienced three ‘blobs’ in a line–and the similar line, you should be aware–of anything. But just what? At this position I started off accomplishing some really hard pondering. If there are 3 this kind of parts amongst 30 degrees and 40 levels north latitude, could there be equivalents at 30 degrees and 40 degrees south latitude? A subsequent investigation into airplane, ship, and sub losses in the southern hemisphere yielded some wonderful success.

There turned out to be 3 just identical parts positioned under the equator. These lie off the east coasts of South The usa, South Africa, and Australia. All proved to be exactly within just 30 levels to 40 levels of latitude south, and also to be about 30 levels of longitude in width. But incredibly surprisingly, they have been all tilted up to the proper or east, as ended up also these in the northern hemisphere! Frankly, this does not look to make perception, since our planet is a sphere and the southern hemisphere really should mirror the northern. So we started off wanting for some bodily rationale for this very clear pattern.

The initially issue that emerged was that these vortices in the southern hemisphere wee precisely shifted the very same number of degrees to the east in all circumstances. Then just one further more simple fact arrived to light. Of all the achievable identified physical variables that could induce this sample–temperature, barometric force, and, previously mentioned all, geomagnetic anomalies–only one equipped, and this was area ocean currents!

5 of these 6 parts–the Mediterranean by itself being in a diverse class–lie on the right or east sides of the continents, Before the African continent collided with the land north of it about 12 million several years in the past, this would not be the situation. But it would not have been on the correct of any land then. Bear in mind this is wherever the Great Pyramid serves some Earth Electricity Grid functionality and somehow is located on the closest company basis to the centre of all the land masses on earth. and all precisely in curious regions exactly where very hot floor currents stream out of the tropical latitudes towards the colder waters of the temperate, subpolar and sooner or later polar areas. What is more, the two principal ones in the northern hemisphere, in accordance with the uncomplicated actions of waters on a spinning world, convert clockwise, whilst the a few in the southern hemisphere convert counterclockwise. There is practically nothing odd about this but there is about the truth that reported twirls all make their tightest turns exactly in these 5 areas…

He goes on to element how other occurrences are problematic in these very same spots and highlights the truth that disappearances that leave no trace only occur to such a higher proportion in these areas. He then bought a letter from a woman whose brothers in the Navy and Air Power experienced told her issues that end result in ten ‘blobs’ or lozenges which in shape the ancient Pentagon-dodecahedron information which he does not mention and might not have regarded about. He also helps make it distinct he sees none of the UFO or ET factors to this which Cathie and others do.

The importance of this might be misplaced on most of us everyday and non-mathematically oriented folk, so I asked our main geometer, who is also a specialist electronics engineer, to notify me how to place it. His reply was very very clear and, to me at least, very simple specifically, that there would appear to be ten funny sites on the floor of our world which lie opposite each and every other in a specific way… demonstrated that all five of them Skewers placed through the globe at the factors of the lozenges. were being battling to move as a result of the exact heart of the earth.” (3)

Thus we have the Great Pyramid serving as the keystone to the surface area of the earth and these vortices of power derived out of some deep earth energy which I also relate to the meteorites from area locating a purpose to collect in Antarctica or the large one particular drawn to the Bermuda Triangle. Study on the tensile energy of metals about these ‘blots’ exhibits the fields of strength bordering the earth has a strong effects on every little thing and that makes 1 speculate about quite a few things regarded as silly about astrology or other psycho-religious sciences. Visualize attuning oneself to these energies and directing them.


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