Celtic Symbol Which means – Celtic Defend Knot

Celtic Symbol Which means – Celtic Defend Knot

Celtic shield knots can be recognized as any of the Celtic knots with for distinctive corner places. They usually resemble a square but in some cases they are a sq. shaped emblem in a circle. As in all Celtic knots there is no starting or conclude. The Celtic defend knot idea will come from civilizations a lot more historical than the Celts. Anciently, it was a universally recognised symbol for safety from hazard and warding off evil spirits. The image is usually fourfold centered, but in just a larger unity.

The Mesopotamians made use of a very similar four cornered symbol in casting protecting spells and for invoking the gods of the 4 corners of the Earth. The 4 cornered symbols stood for the four creator gods. The sky god An was the greatest of these gods. Anki was the Sumerian phrase for universe. An meant heaven. Enlil was the future greatest god and could generate raging storms in a suit or help man when relaxed. He was recognised as the shepherd to the individuals and also as the god of air. “lil” stood for wind in the Sumerian language. The earth goddess was Nin-khursag (or Nintu). The fourth god was Enki, the god of water and patron of wisdom. Sumerians believed Heaven and Earth were united as a one mountain. Nammu, goddess of the primeval sea, gave delivery to An (Heaven) and Ki (Earth). An and Ki gave delivery to their son Enlil (god of the Air). Enlil then carried absent his mother, the Earth, from Heaven. In essence these four gods represented sky, fireplace, earth and drinking water. It is doable that Celtic shield knots symbolize these identical substances.

The historical Norse, who at some point fashioned the Celts, had a equivalent defend image. Their 4 cornered symbol, which was also for protection, was similar to the solar cross. The photo voltaic cross is one particular of the most historical religious symbols in the environment. It is merely a cross with equivalent measurement arms, inside of of a circle and touching the sides of the circle, which varieties four open up areas. To the Norse it was recognized as Odin’s cross, their chief god. The solar cross signifies the movements of the solar as in the solstices (the four seasons). Asatruar individuals (pagan Norse) use the solar cross as their religious emblem.

Occultists who us a Kabbalah (the mystic factor of Judaism) dependent technique of ceremonial magic invoke the 4 main archangels as pointed out in Judaism (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel) as guardians. They are to guard the four quarters (as seen in a solar cross), or instructions. They every have corresponding shades associated with magical houses. As very well they display screen non secular exercise more than each year: Spring is Raphael, summer season is Uriel, slide is Michael and winter is Gabriel. For these occultists, the photo voltaic cross or defend knot symbol stands for this.

Christianity, in the Scandinavian area, ultimately took the pagan image of the solar cross or the protect knot and termed it St. Han’s cross (or St. John’s cross, soon after John the Baptist). It arrived to symbolize flowing water and the continuity of existence, comparable to the infinity symbol. Christianity is identified for switching the meaning of a lot of formerly pagan symbols, as it unfold. In Northern Europe, even these days, the shield knot symbol is used to symbolize nationwide heritage websites. In heraldry the very same knot symbol is recognized as a Bowen cross.

So we can tell that the primary Celtic shield knot symbol is indicative of the four seasons or earth water, fire and sky (which assistance us, but have electrical power more than us). It can also mean the 4 gods, intertwined with the seasons, or archangels, who secure the people of earth as nicely as deliver us the aspects or seasons.